We Focus. On You.

TrollDental makes and develops high quality consumer goods, in close collaboration with dentists. We are continuously looking for ways to develop new products and techniques.

TrollDental´s products facilitates and streamlines the daily work of dentists - saving time and money.

The digital era has brought with it new challenges for TrollDental. We follow, carry out and take part in the development of timesaving products, specifically adapted to digital techniques.

Our goal is to continue to be one of the leading global suppliers to dentists.

Swedish dental care has a long history going back to the 17th century. Patient care and dental product standards are high, TrollDental´s quality norms are set to meet and surpass these high standards.

Our professionalism and competence are high. For example the company´s ability for innovation has resulted in TrollMount, the universal leading system for filing dental X-ray films.

Today, TrollDental has four subsidiary companies in three different parts of the world. Sales are made directly to dental offices or through dealers.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions on how we may better serve you. Phone: 0800 1950 460